Arab Hijab – Its Conception In The Western World

There are no uniform approaches for terminologies of Islamic dresses. Hijab is an Arabic term, actually referring to a partition or a curtain that was later as a general Islamic dress piece, but is recent days, it has been reduced to the headscarves.Nowadays, Islamic dresses have been emerged as enduring sites of the arguments on the relationship between the State and the Muslim communities.

31 Arab Hijab   Its Conception In The Western WorldParticularly, the wearing of arab hijabs by Muslim women to cover their heads publically have raised a number of questions about national identity, secularism and women’s rights. It has always been noticed by the Western women as oppressive and as a sign of subservience of Muslim women to men. In the result, it mostly appears as a surprise for western women that the hijabs have become increasingly common among the Muslim women and are often worn proudly by teenagers to symbolize themselves as a part of Islamic dignity, allowing them to remain safe from western cultural domination and imperialism.

Feny Mustafas Hijab Head Gear and more Arab Hijab   Its Conception In The Western WorldThe western media never features western women who have changed their religions to Islam, adopted to wear Hijabs, and are satisfied with it. Born and raised in west, they have experienced freedom and lead their lives as they wanted to. Then they researched Islam and reverted. Here a question arises in your mind that what they are getting from Islam that they have missed yet? It has filled an empty space in their souls.

So, should you listen about western media’s arab hijab misconceptions and against the religion or those women who have reverted to Islam after getting freedom?The western world thinks that they have given maximum freedom to their people. Well, that’s not so. Islam is the first religion that has given freedom to its followers, especially to women. Islam has given the right to share their thoughts and to vote to women 1400 years before, while in American countries it has given in early 1990s. Islam has also given the right of a part in property inheritance 1400 years back, but American law had declared this right in 1950s for women’s right in property inheritance.

So you must show uniformity is your culture and religion. Arab hijab is a symbol of perfection and accomplishing your goals. Arab hijab misconceptions must have to be corrected as people in west have different wrong opinions about this dignified clothing.The State is also required to make laws and people should have to obey them, but they are not allowed to suggest people what they should wear and how to, this is their individual freedom. People should be free from any kind of restrictions when it comes to their clothing. The Western countries are as ethnic as Arabic culture. Arab hijab, covering body and scarves are also in other religions but not as effective as in Islam. Christianity also emphasizes on strengths to wear scarves. Also in Hindu culture, ladies are required to cover their bodies. So if women in other religions are allowed to wear scarves, then why Muslim women are banned to wear Hijabs?

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